The purposes of the trust are as follows:

  • to facilitate and support the raising of funds.
  • to provide financial support for the conduct of clinical and laboratory research and development in relation to the causes of, diagnoses or, and treatment of cancer or biologically related non malignant conditions in children and adolescents, principally but not exclusively conducted by the Children's Cancer Research Group.
  • to provide financial support for the purchase of scientific and related equipment, books, journals, and subscriptions, for the conduct of cancer research.
  • to support educational activities, including attendance at educational meetings and conferences, including registration, travel and accommodation within New Zealand and elsewhere.
  • to support the development of local and international research collaborations to facilitate the conduct of research of benefit to children and adolescents with cancer, and without restricting the scope of the foregoing, to support work of particular value to children in New Zealand.
  • to provide financial support for undergraduate and postgraduate research students, including course registration or fees, research, consumable costs and other support as necessary for the conduct of research in tertiary institutions in relation to cancer in children and adolescents.
  • for any other or further charitable purpose which is compatible with the purposes as recommended by the board of Trustees from time to time.

The Children's Cancer Research Trust is a registered charity of New Zealand


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